Preserving Local Culture through FKIP UPGRIP Traditional Dance Workshop


Art is local wisdom that is owned by each region. Be it fine arts, dance or other arts. Ideally, art needs to continue to be socialized through the role of the younger generation or the arts community. Based on this, in order to provide participants with dance skills experience so that they are able to present themselves in front of others about the values that develop in society, the UPGRIP Indonesian Language Education Bastra Studio is carrying out a South Sumatra Traditional Dance Workshop with the theme “Preserving Local Culture through a Traditional Dance Workshop”. This activity was opened directly by the Dean of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Universitas PGRI Palembang Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dessy Wardiah, M.Pd., CIQaR was represented by Deputy Dean III Dr. Muhamad Idris, M.Pd. Also attending the event was the Head of the Indonesian Language Education Study Program, Dr. Achmad Wahidy, M.Pd., Head of the Indonesian Language Education Laboratory Juaidah Agustina, M.Pd., resource persons for this activity are Performing Arts Education Lecturer Treny Hera, S.Pd., M.Sn., Head of the Student Affairs and Cooperation Subdivision of FKIP Riswan Aradea , S.P., M.M., lecturers from the Indonesian Language Education Study Program, as well as other invited guests. Head of the Indonesian Language Education Study Program, Dr. Achmad Wahidy, M.Pd. in his speech.

This activity is one of the Indonesian Language Education Bastra Studio Work Programs. “This activity is also a forum for preserving art and culture that is developing in society as well as an opportunity for the younger generation to show their artistic and cultural talents,” he said. Apart from that, this activity is carried out to get to know and love various traditional dances of South Sumatra as well as the customs and culture of the community so that the traditional dance art of South Sumatra does not just disappear. Meanwhile, Deputy Dean III FKIP UPGRIP Dr. Muhamad Idris, M.Pd said that with the South Sumatran Traditional Dance Workshop activities, students of the Indonesian Language Education Study Program will get many benefits. “Among other things, they can provide experience of artistic expression (dance) and develop attitudes and behavior, instill values. culture and personality as well as increasing students’ knowledge about local wisdom from the art of dance in South Sumatra,” he said. This activity was carried out successfully and well. Workshop participants were very enthusiastic about participating in various event arrangements. From getting to know traditional South Sumatran dance, to practicing the dance movements taught by the resource person. Every dance movement taught has a very deep meaning. Through this event, South Sumatran dance can be known more widely by generations of the nation, as well as preserving local culture for future generations to know better.

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