Semarak Bulan Bahasa VII 2022, Sanggar Bastra , FKIP, PGRI University of Palembang


The Language and Literature Studio (Bastra) of the Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program FKIP Universitas PGRI Palembang is holding a Vibrant Language Month VII 2022 with various activities. The opening event took place in the Aidil Fitri Syah Room, 5th Floor, UPGRIP Business and Science Center Building, Monday (24/10/2022). The Chancellor of UPGRI Palembang, Dr. “UPGRIP appreciates the implementation of the Vibrant Language Month VII activities,” said Bukman. According to him, UPGRI Palembang positively welcomed activities like this. The state mandates that every October is a language month that must be commemorated and celebrated by the Indonesian people both at home and abroad. “We are grateful that FKIP UPGRIP Language Study Program has implemented a lively Language Month. It has even spread to Bangka Belitung Province. In the future, I ask that it be expanded further so that the vibrancy of Language Month can be heard echoing from UPGRIP. In fact, I hope that the scope of activities will be wider with various activities. Apart from that, participants were also expanded to a national scale. “If the Center holds activities, FKIP UPGRIP will also take part in national scale activities,” he added. The Chancellor even asked the FKIP UPGRIP Language Ambassadors per class to be included in activities, especially at the peak of this year’s Language Month event. “There is a separate story in the history of those who have the status of Language Ambassadors. So it will be a memory for our children and grandchildren that they have been active as Language Ambassadors at FKIP UPGRIP where they studied. “I am proud that UPGRIP has held the Language Month event for the 7th year. This is a form of our participation and love for the state language,” said Bukman while suggesting that activities such as bazaars involve students both from the Language Study Program and FKIP as well as from other faculties such as the UPGRIP Economics and Business as an opportunity to train the entrepreneurial spirit.

Apart from that, he also hopes that students can take advantage of capable IT facilities, namely digital corridors that can be used by the entire academic community. In the same place, the Dean of FKIP UPGRI Palembang Assoc, Prof Dr Dessy Wardiah., M.Pd, CIQaR said that the Vibrant Language Month is a routine agenda every year in October. He admitted that the university’s full support for this activity was not only from student support but in terms of providing infrastructure and facilities. “Support for Language Month activities is given in full. We support routine university activities in the framework of Language Month. “We are also facilitating the search for locations for each city district in South Sumatra to be the venue for this VII Language Month activities,” he said, adding that this year in accordance with the suggestion from the UPGRIP Chancellor that the Semarak Language Month will expand its activities and scope of participants. “We will bring in speakers from Semarang State University. This is a form of loving language. God willing, next year we will arrange a more lively activity agenda. “We are realizing the Chancellor’s wish so that the scope of participants for the Language Month held by FKIP UPGRI Palembang is expanded, namely not only in Bangka Belitung but also to the provinces of Jambi, Lampung and Bengkulu (Sumbangsel),” he said. Chief Executive of the 7th Semarak Language Month 2022, Juaida Agustina, M.Pd reported that the VII Semarak Language Month was held with various activities such as poetry reading competitions, short story writing competitions, speech and anchor competitions, as well as the selection of Language and Literature Ambassadors (Bastra). ). “This is our routine activity every year. “There are various competitions such as poetry reading competitions, short story writing competitions, speech competitions, anchor competitions and the selection of literary ambassadors,” said Juaida. According to him, there are three places that host off-campus activities (roadshows), namely at Ujan Emas Muaraenim State High School. “Invitations from outside. Ujan Emas Muaraenim State High School roadshow activities for Selection of Bastra Friends, there are short story and poetry writing competitions at middle school, high school and student levels.

We also went to SMA Negeri 2 Kayuagung and to SMK Negeri 1 Mentok, West Bangka to carry out the selection of Bastra Friends. Apart from that, poetry and short story reading competitions were also held. The goal is to be able to use Indonesian well and correctly. Specifically for the selection of Bastra Ambassadors, they are expected to become icons by becoming ambassadors. The selection of Bastra Ambassadors is through the Bastra Studio with 35 bastra ambassadors who will compete. “Candidates, if there are activities on campus, will be involved,” said Juaida at the opening of the VII Language Month Celebration.