PGRI University of Palembang Students from the Indonesian Language Education Study Program Undertake an Academic Visit to Promedia Bandung

Thursday (06/07/2023) A group of PGRI Palembang Indonesian Language Education Study Program students made an academic visit to one of the large Indonesian online media technology companies in Bandung, Indonesia, namely PROMEDIA BANDUNG. With 34 students and 4 accompanying lecturers named Mr. Dr. Darwin Effendi M.Pd, Mr. Dr. Achmad Wahidy, M.Pd, Mr. Muhammad Nasir M.Pd, and Mrs. Masnunah M.Pd. The students were given a lot of material and theory by Mr. Dadang, Ms. Ayunda and Mas Danu. He said that Promedia Bandung is “Gojek or Tokopedia” which is the home of journalists.

Promedia Bandung does not limit a person’s ability to write, regardless of social status, job or title, but rather the competence that a person possesses (everyone can become a journalist). One key to writing is self-confidence. It has joined 930 online media in the world which has been worked on by more than 7 thousand people over the past two years. Training someone to become a journalist is the same as we have to provide a lot of input on how we can grow and develop in writing. The writing that is written is not only read by the local environment but from within and outside the country. Promedia Bandung has two programs, namely media preneur and content creator program. There is a writing process in Promedia Bandung, namely: 1) code of ethics and articles 2) viral content sourced from social media. And also given how to publish writing: 1) chief editor 2) editor (using the system owned by Promedia Bandung) 3) accept writing that is still messy and will be edited according to the KBBI and its grammar. Lots of understanding, lessons and also benefits which was taken from the presentation of material provided by Promedia Bandung. This visit really helped the students in learning press and journalism skills.

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